Greek Stochastics μ'

Corfu, Greece, Postponed until 2021.

Causal Learning

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Update: We apologise for not being able to update you on the arrangements for Greek Stochastics \mu earlier than today. Our Organising Committee has now decided to postpone the twelveth edition of Greek Stochastics \mu until Summer 2021 (dates to be confirmed), due to the developing COVID-19 outbreak.

The twelveth edition of the Greek Stochastics meeting will take place in Corfu, Greece, on 25-27 August 2020. This meeting's primary aim is to facilitate a broad discussion of current research themes related to Causal Learning.

Please note that there will also be a few contributed talks and poster presentations.

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Short Courses

The meeting will consist of:

  • three short courses, of 3 hours each;
  • contributed oral presentations;
  • contributed poster presentations.

The three short courses will be given by

  • SĪ¹lvia Chiappa @ DeepMind on "Causal inference to capture and alleviate bias in recent machine learning methods and applications".
  • Jim Smith @ University of Warwick on "Customized Causation for Bayesian Decision Analysis: Using graphs to merge expertjudgments and high dimensional data together to support decision making".
  • Vasilis Syrgkanis @ Microsoft Research on "Econometrics and Machine Learning through the lens of Neyman Ortho".


The workshop's programme will be uploaded here.

Abstract Submission

  • To be considered for a talk please submit an abstract to by the 31st of May, 2020 -- Acceptance will be confirmed by 14th of June 2020 .

  • If you wish to be considered for a poster presentation please submit an abstract to by the 19th of July 2020.


The registration fee is 70 pounds and it includes welcome drinks, conference dinner and refreshments during coffee breaks.

Location and Travel

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Previous Meetings

You can find more about previous Greek Stochastics meetings here .

Group photo from last year's Greek Stochastics conference

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